The Maine Coon Life (Paperback)


Miowgraphy of Artemis & Apollo

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The Maine Coon Life Book

Our very own miowgraphy, covering the period from when we arrived as kittens in the hooman household, up to the present time. This book comprises twleve chapters, each one themed on an aspect of our lives together. Most of the pages  are filled with top-quality full-page photographs of us. And each chapter begins with a one-page dialogue between us, talking about our experiences that happened in that chapter. So you will kow what the pictures are about! Also, each chapter has one double-page spread taken from our own photo-album, with six snapshots taped into the album. Apollo says we should list the chapters, so here we go:  1. Kitten days.  2. Travels abroad.  3. High days and holidays.  4. Garden days.  5. Cosplay days.  6. Rainy days.  7. Bath days!  8. Snowy days.  9. Cultural days.  10. Snuggle times.  11. Working days.  12. Days in the countryside.

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