Hello! Welcome to our website! We are two exquisitely adorable Maine Coons – Artemis (the elegant tortie girl) and Apollo (the brainiac ginger boy). Living in North London, we are smart enough to engage the services of a purrfessional photographer — our hoomum — who captures our adventures in nicely composed photographs, and she even jots down our banter and translates it to English. All this quality material she has been posting on Instagram for several years and tens of thousands of lovely kitties out there follow us. And don’t you dare think we are a pair of idle pussies! No, no, no, we do our bit! We have been the official Post Office Cats at the London Postal Museum, which involved driving the Mail Train in the deep underground tunnel. We have done so many public appearances – meet & greet, book signings, film premieres – that we now effortlessly shine in London society. But not just London! The world is our oyster! We have travelled to New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Budapest, and even Essex. Most recently we travelled around Scotland on an exciting and dangerous mission. Hoomum photographed that too.

This year we have decided to get physical, and we have put together our very own miowgraphy, the absolutely fabulous book The Maine Coon Life, accompanied by our 12-month Clawendar for 2019, which shows a different picture of us each month. As if this were not enough, there are five different Pawscards and photographic prints. Holy Catnip! What a bagful of goodies! And, yes, if you buy the book, you get a draw-string bag with our very own logo on it. And, naturally our bookmark. This plethora of purr-worthy products is just the beginning. Pictures of our Scottish expedition are being edited into a bona fide comic book, or graphic novel. Just wait till that comes out!

We cannot tell you how much fun we have had putting this together. Well, it was lots of fun, actually. But what really keeps us going is the tremendous feedback we get from other kitties. We make full use of our indulgent hoomans to have endless travels and adventures, and it gives us pleasure to share our Maine Coon Life with you. 

So, please feel free to browse around the website. And, if you happen to be fiddling around with a credit card in your paw, why not put it to good use? This stock of goodies won’t last furever, you know!

Meow for now!

Artemis & Apollo